I can’t thank Ann and Laura @perfectformpilates enough. They are so professional and knowledgeable. They know my diagnosis, they understand my diagnosis, they know what I should and should not do, they know when to push me and when to go slow. This has changed my life. I truly believe I can play tennis and hike and play with Stellaluna because of Pilates. I am so very grateful. ~ B. McCall

B. NcCall.

Perfect Form has been my saving grace the past six months and has helped me develop muscles and strength in places I never thought possible.  I was told I shouldn’t run or lift after getting some upsetting news about an old lower back injury.  Together with Ann, I strengthened my core, back muscles and stabilizing muscles and have since re-entered the gym and running world stronger than ever.

Kali D.

I’m hoping to be back fully to working out in 4 weeks.  I think Pilates really helped me with this surgery in so many ways.  I’m way ahead of where I should be.

Erin D.

I loved my time at Perfect Form.  It really helped me engage my core and prepare my body for collegiate swimming.

Caitlin C. (Georgia Bulldogs)

I absolutely love this place! I’m a professional dancer and need somewhere to keep in shape and do Pilates reformer work on my breaks when I visit my parents on Lake Norman. Ann is great with all levels. I even got my mother to try Pilates for the first time!

Jordan L. (Miami Dance Company)

This studio is a wonderful place with very knowledgeable instructors. The equipment is state of the art and the atmosphere is energizing. I highly recommend.

Ricki W.

Love Perfect Form Pilates!! Outstanding instruction and equipment. Ann is the absolute best!!!

Kathy B.

There is a reason I have been here for 6 years…the BEST studio in the Lake Norman area.

Dawne K.

Ann has really done a great job making this a top-notch studio. She offers services to a diverse population. Youth, beginners, athletes and folks with special needs all get what they need.

Christy G.

Fabulous Pilates studio!! Look forward to a challenging workout each week.

LeRuth S.

I love Perfect Form Pilates and Ann is a fabulous instructor.  My husband and I, as chiropractors, love the instructors philosophy on spine health and mobility.  My husband is a golfer and finds a major increase in his flexibility and movement when he does Pilates.  I love the workout for my legs, especially my inner and outer thighs.  They are so conscious of your posture and the speed of your movements.  I love the classes as well.  I recommend Perfect Form to my patients and would highly recommend for anyone looking for a great Pilates studio.

Stephanie G.

Great place for personal training! I needed to lose some weight and get in shape so in January I stopped by Perfect Form and spoke to Kristine. She was able to setup an appointment with one of the instructors(Ann) for the next week. Since then I have been training twice a week with Kristine and Ann. My wife joined in early March and now she trains twice a week. We use duet (couples), private and scheduled classes to meet our training and schedule needs. I chose Pilates because a have a bad back. Ann and Kristine have taken the time to figure out exactly what exercises are best for my condition without aggravating my condition. I am much more toned at this point thanks to the Perfect Form Studio staff.

Tom M.

“You’re amazing!!  Coming into your practice was the best thing I could have done for my body.  I can only hope my body does what yours does in 10 years.”

Kali D.

“I can never thank you enough for introducing me to Pilates.”

Paula D.

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