August 2017 Newsletter

Get Ready to Sweat!
Don’t let the 85 degree weather fool you!  We all know August is know for it’s record highs, so why not come into the studio for your workout!  In addition to temperatures, this time of year can make us sweat as we get our children ready to go back to school, fall sports begin, and we try to introduce routine back into our lives.  Perfect Form is here for you – creating a cool, inviting environment where you can focus on your alignment and inner strength.  Pilates creates a connection that will not only reconnect you to your core, but to your mind as well.  In the studio this month we will be focusing on breath.  The transverse abdominals – critical in holding neutral spine, respond to breath – so make your focus this month to go deeper into your practice by gaining a better understanding of the breath patterns that are part of the Pilates Method.

Back to School Promotion
10% off all 10 pk 55 minute sessions

For the month of August, all 10 pack of regular 55 minute classes and private sessions are discounted 10%.  4 month expiration still applies.  If you haven’t been in class lately, it’s a great time to renew.  See our online class schedule or contact the studio at 704-560-0383 to schedule a private or duet session.

The Art and Benefits of Finding Neutral
August 18th 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

This month, we will be holding a workshop on the Art and Benefits of finding neutral.  A neutral position means that you are actively maintaining your joints in the middle of their range of motion while standing, sitting and running.  For many this can be challenging but working towards neutral spine will bring you closer to realizing the full benefits of Pilates, not to mention may ease back pain.

Joining us is Julie Jeter, certified personal trainer specializing in corrective exercise for Diastasis Recti and a licensed provider of the Tupler Technique.  She will be offering free tummy checks to see if you have an opening in your abdominal wall which makes it very difficult to activate the transverse abdominals – one of the key muscle structure in holding neutral.  For more information: Register here

Cornelius Connection

Lake Norman Salt Spa
20723 Torrence Chapel Road, Suite 204
Set in a space of bliss and beauty, Lake Norman Salt Spa is a spectacular oasis of calm healing. In their facility, they aim to deliver the ultimate in Halotherapy so that you experience a small break of tranquility from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.  Halotherapy is the inhalation of micronized dry salt within a chamber that mimics a salt cave environment.  Read the linked article on the many benefits of halotherapy
Check out their monthly promotions at

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