As we explore our #OwnIt theme, I want you to delve deeper into finding your inner voice.  I want you to #BeYourOwnTeacher.  In the studio I want you to listen to your mind and body, and choose variations or spring tensions to reflect what your body needs.  We have a fully equipped studio, therefore, in sessions with my clients, at times I like to give them the last 10 minutes to work on a specific piece of equipment that their body needs.  For those who aren’t ready to identify that, as your instructor I will guide you.  In fact, I will be hosting mini workshops on the ladder barrel, ped-o-pull, arm chair, spine corrector etc so you feel more comfortable with the apparatus not used as often.

Now let’s talk about how you can #BeYourOwnTeacher in life.  You have so much knowledge and for now I want you to just acknowledge it.  It’s like recognizing your strengths and weaknesses.  But even where we feel we are weak, we most likely have skills we tend not to rely on because sometimes, that’s just easier.  Each month, we will pick a topic to challenge that thinking pattern.  

Please note that this doesn’t mean that you never need to reach out for help – that’s part of being your own teacher – knowing when you can’t go it alone.  However, we so often discount what we have, what we can do and are capable of, and what we can give others. 

You are stronger in mind, body, and spirit that you think  – so #OwnIt 

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