Ann Taboada

Staying active has always been a part of Ann’s life as she began teaching fitness classes in high school and college at local gyms.  Entering the corporate world after graduating from the University of North Carolina, Ann was an Operations Manager in the wholesale mortgage industry for over 12 years focusing on system design and efficiency.  Once having children, Pilates drew Ann back to her passion for fitness and she was certified in Pilates Mat in 2006. Ann quickly realized that a strong core was the basis for a strong body, which led her to pursue her Personal Training certification where she worked with the medical referral program of the YMCA.

Ann was introduced to equipment based Pilates in 2010 and fell in love with it.  The Pilates apparatus allowed her to work with clients of all levels of fitness in a supported environment so she extended her training to include a comprehensive certification from Balanced Body University.  After working at Perfect Form for several years, Ann was fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase the studio from its previous owner, Kristine Bjornstad in 2014.  Since then, Ann has continued to work with clients in a broad spectrum, from post-surgery rehabilitation and neuromuscular disease to professional athletes in the fields of dance, racing, and tennis.  To further her education, Ann is now a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher and continues to work with well known Pilates professionals.  She is currently in the process of completing a graduate level course in the Classical Learning Systems by Karen Frishmann.



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