Pelvic Health & Pilates Seminar

November 9th – 6 – 8 p.m. Do you experience any of the following: Overactive/leaking bladder Vaginal laxity Vaginal dryness Atrophy Prolapse Abnormal uterine bleeding Come to our “girls only” discussion on pelvic health with Dr. Laurie Givens & Ann...

Balance & Fall Prevention Workshop

During this two hour workshop, you will get an understanding of the systems that work together to create balance in the body. We will discuss fall risks, preventative measures and what to do if you or someone you know was to fall. We will have stations to assess areas...

Cornelius ‘Tawba Walk – Sept 17th

On September 17th, Old Town Cornelius will celebrate their semi-annual ‘Tawba Walk Arts & Music Festival. Come visit our tent as we will be spreading the word about the best Pilates studio in Lake Norman!
Active Stretching Workshop

Active Stretching Workshop

Active Stretching Workshop Active assistive stretching is a means of safely improving functional tissue length through movement.  The techniques taught in this class are based on the Meeks Methods (C) and utilize reciprocal inhibition methods (where the contraction of...

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