The Classes at Perfect Form are 55 minutes in length, with the exception of the EXPRESS classes which are 45 minutes.  EXPRESS classes are typically offered during lunch hours or on the weekend when people need a quick workout option.

Reformer – This class focuses on the principles of Pilates using the reformer in a lying down, kneeling or standing position. Each class will incorporate a balance between leg and arm strength, pelvic & shoulder stability and mobility, and spinal mobility (flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation). This class provides a total body workout focused on working both the concentric and eccentric contractions of the muscle fibers and provides a balance between flexibility, strength, and control.

Tower – This class utilizes the Pilates Tower System to help build long, lean musculature as it helps increase the range of motion and unilateral movement by utilizing various attachments – springs, push through bar, and pull down bar.  Don’t be surprised by this class.  It builds much more strength than people realize as you have to keep the core engaged to manage the spring tension.

Jump board – Jump classes utilize the Reformer Jump board in an interval based class. Jumping sequences typically include a cycle of jumping for 45 seconds to 1 minute for up to 6 minutes, patterned with classical and contemporary reformer exercises. Jump classes have a “cardio” aspect because the participant is jumping, however, since it’s done in a horizontal position the heart rate typically stays in the fat-burning zone. This type of jumping is wonderful for the lymphatic system and doesn’t create the pressure on the spine, pelvis or knees like vertical jumping (i.e. jump rope, box jumping, etc.)

Mixed Apparatus – Mixed Apparatus classes typically use the reformers (with or without jump boards) or tower units for a portion of the class and then utilize other studio equipment to help challenge the participants. Apparatus includes but is not limited to the high and low chairs, orbits, barrels, magic circles and foam rollers. The goal of this class is to create variety!

Cardio Pilates – Get your heart rate up with dynamic movement. Each week variety is added by using jump boards, boxes, weights and PiYo moves while incorporating traditional Pilates exercises on the reformer for a whole-body workout.

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