“A few summers ago, on a break from my ballet company, I stumbled upon Ann’s studio while on a Fresh Market trip. I decided to take a class the next day. Normally, I am expected to train in classical ballet classes during my vacations, but after one class with Ann, I was hooked.

Ann seemed to know every muscle in the human body. As a professional ballet dancer who suffers from severe scoliosis, it is important that I have good placement in order to work my body correctly. Ann has an innate sense of how to help each muscle group in the human body. Whether I come to her needing more strength for a certain ballet move, or guidance in recovering from an injury, she knows exactly what to do!

Ann helps me find my center and always helps me remember that having a strong core is central to all movements of the human body. I have found myself actually improving more from our sessions than if I continued my regular ballet training during the off-season.

I’m so lucky I found Perfect Form Studio. I spend every vacation at my parent’s home and nearly every morning at her peaceful studio, conveniently located in the heart of the Lake Norman area.”
Jordan Long

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