Lake Norman’s
New/Old Pilates Studio

There are stories of working out in Joe’s studio where as a client you came in and independently began your workout (either mat or reformer). 

There were apprentices helping guide you through the order (and even posters or pictures) and more seasoned instructors including Joe and Clara themselves that may guide you through a specific exercise or order to perfect the alignment.  In many classical studios, this is referred to as an “Old School Workout”. 

Perfect Form Pilates is aiming to help in preserving this system by helping clients discover the following:

A – what does your body need prior to the workout

B – what order will you follow today

C – what or where do you need to go in the studio to help work through a range of motion you may have struggled with in “B”.

At Perfect Form, you will not only find classical pieces such as the mat, reformer, and Cadillac but also the ancillary pieces such as the High, Wunda and Arm chairs and a series of barrels (ladder, spine corrector, small).  You may also know that Joe created a whole line of assistance apparatus to help clients fine-tune their practice – the toe gizmo, neck stretcher, foot corrector, ped-o-pull, breathecizer.  All of these can also be found at Perfect Form Pilates to help in your journey through understanding the method and using it to find your “perfect form”


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