Dear Friends,

Our ! Research reveals that tweaking your daily routine – – not winning the lottery – – is the key to a joyful mind-set. So for the month of June we are going to be promoting behaviors that cultivate an overall sense of optimism and happiness setting you up for positive change. And by having an upbeat outlook your body as well as your mind will benefit.

Happiness Tip – Savor the moment!
In our fast paced environment, slowing down is one key to a more joyful life. To “savor” is the practice of being mindful and experiencing the present. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset or an evening meal, the point is to linger on your enjoyment of the moment. Media coverage hard-wires us to pay attention to negative events, but savoring helps you take notice and remember all of the positives. So start with a simple event, like a stroll in your neighborhood. Use all of your senses.

Notice how you feel (temperature), what you hear (birds singing), what you see (flowers blooming). Over time, time this practice will encourage you to pay attention to the things that generate positive thoughts throughout your day. Stay tuned for more tips in creating a happy outlook in the studio!

Studio Reminders/Updates:

  • ToeSox are highly recommended.
    All reservations have a 24 hour cancellation policy.
    The Tuesday/Thursday 11:30 class will come off the schedule beginning 6/13 for the summer. We will re-evaluate in the fall.

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