The Theme for 2022

Most business owners start with a business plan and a ground up approach.  For me, I took over the studio in Nov 2014 with an asset purchase in Feb. 2015.  I was so thankful for the opportunity but didn’t realize what was ahead.  

Under the assumption that I was taking over an existing business I thought it would be business as usual.  I didn’t realize the first five year transition (typical for many small businesses) would apply to me…but it did.  I had not put together a business plan nor had I asked all the right questions.  The first five years weren’t about paying off my initial investment and building/keeping clients but about figuring out how to do it all – teacher, accountant, marketing analyst, human resource manager, graphic artist, custodian, repairman, etc…etc… Then, right at my five year mark when finally I thought I had it together, the pandemic hit and we were shut down.  There went all my savings – even though it wasn’t much.  My request for a PPP loan (which I thought was conservative) was cut in half.  My landlord wouldn’t give any concessions regarding rent and they even continued to increase my rent as outlined in my agreement.  I lost two more instructors and was now required to wear a mask while teaching.  

My corporate background was in operations so this part I knew – cut costs.  I trimmed costs both professionally and personally and opened the doors as soon as the health department allowed.  But this new operational model resulted in resentment and self-pity.  And I’ve been in this state for two years!

But here we are, on the back slide of a pandemic (hopefully) and we’ve survived!  So many have lost so much.  But for Perfect Form, our doors are still open, we have amazing clients and they keep coming.

It’s time to own up to where we are in our journey and make it our theme of 2022 – #OwnIt.  Reflect on what you have and what you have learned.  For me, I realized I could do so much with so little – mainly make a difference!

Just taking ownership of where you are, framing your blessings instead of your burdens, and keeping your chin up, has an immediate impact on your attitude and your life.  Overtime, obstacles that once seemed insurmountable will melt away.  So often we get in our own way with spiraling negative talk.  So here’s an affirmation to start off your month.  Join us on this journey!

I own where I am in the present moment.

My knowledge, strength, and resilience ALWAYS guide me forward.

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