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Looking for space to host your workshop or specialty class/series?  Perfect Form Studio may be the perfect space!

Conveniently located off I77 at exit 28, the space at Perfect Form Studio is light, open, and inviting.  It is a great option for workshops or continuing education in the areas of Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and Meditation.

Physical Therapy

The studio provides a great environment for workshops regarding alignment, fascial, gait, posture, etc. Each reformer converts to an elevated mat so there are plenty of surfaces to sit on and clipboards can be provided for note taking. In the past we have hosted kinesio taping, shoulder, hip, pelvic floor, foot alignment and bone density workshops with local physical therapists. (please note there may be an additional charge for space setup/configuration)


For Pilates, the studio is equipped with Peak equipment. It has four Reformers that can be converted to Tower Units or for elevated mat space. In addition, the studio is equipped with a Contrology Reformer, six chairs (one high back, one with handles, two low chairs, and two BB EXO chairs), two ladder barrels, two step barrels, mini barrel, five arcs, Cadillac, Ped-o-Pull, and other props.

(max capacity for sharing equipment 16)


For yoga and/or meditation, units can be converted to elevated surfaces. The studio also has a supply of mats, blankets and yoga blocks for use.

(max capacity 10-12)


For barre, each of the Tower units has a ‘‘push thru bar’ that can be setup and used as a fitness barre. The studio also has two six foot portable barres that can accommodate 4 people.

(max capacity 8)

Typically yoga/meditation and barre sessions are offering in a four to six week series unless setup for a workshop.

20545 Torrence Chapel Rd., Suite B

Cornelius, NC 28031



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