Private Lessons

Clients can schedule private lessons to help learn the Pilates Method and/or to work on specific movement patterns, misalignment, muscular imbalance, or postural deviation.  All clients, however, are expected to participate in Open Studio sessions or do Mat work at home to practice the method. Private lessons should be scheduled directly with the teacher or via our scheduling app as instructed.

Duet Lessons

Duets are scheduled on a limited basis based on the instructor’s comfort level with goals for each individual client.  In many cases, when learning the Pilates Method, a 30 minute session is all the client will need.  

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Privates are teacher-led sessions with a group of clients at a similar level to progress through the work on each piece of apparatus and to understand and use the ancillary pieces of equipment to facilitate their practice.  Currently the studio offers several Semi-private session times but will begin transitioning these to our Open Studio Format.  If a client needs a specific lesson on a progression or on a particular piece of equipment, a private lesson should be scheduled.  All semi-private sessions should be scheduled via our scheduling link on the main page.

Open Studio Sessions

Open Studio Sessions are blocked times where clients can practice the method.  It’s defined as independent work by the student supported by instructor oversight.  There is complete freedom of the student to determine where to start, where to end, and everything in between.  The student can work the entire hour on one apparatus or move around the studio utilizing multiple pieces of equipment.  The instructor will provide cues, alignment support, spotting and introduce new concepts and exercises to each student when appropriate or may advise that the student schedule a private 30-minute session.  The instructor simply will not direct the workout.  Each client will have available a chart either hardcopy or online where they can maintain their program guidelines.

Mat Classes

The Mat work will be incorporated in each session, however, we do wish for all clients to practice the mat at home or in Open Studio.  Use our mat classes to practice the full order, specific to your body needs.  These sessions will have an in person and virtual option so you can join from home or while traveling.

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